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3 THE HARD WAY – G. Russell Gaynor

Two females and one male. One’s a black writer, one a dramatic Asian, and the third an animal-loving ditz who’s always just one step behind.

These days, ‘family’ can mean anything, not just the old-school accepted ideas and roles. When three modern, mobile, and infinitely funny adults decide to redefine their family with each other, no one can predict where their journey will go. But one thing’s for sure – if they’re together, it won’t be boring!

A new “Three’s Company”.


AT THE CORE OF IT – G. Russell Gaynor
(Pilot & Second Episode)

A dynamic and creative man is downsized from his job at a national company, and finally finds work at a neighborhood gym. What he discovers is that once the suits come off, so do the masks!

A female drill-sergeant trainer, a hippy-chick desk clerk, an exercise-crazed narcissist… who knows who you’ll meet at this far-from-normal gym. Whether it’s working out, cracking jokes, finding love or just getting by… there’s always something happening ‘at the core of it.’

CHEERS meets WILL & GRACE… with spandex.