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Much like the effort that goes into the production of a full length feature, the television program is saddled with the same responsibilities as one brings their visions into the homes of the audience.

Unlike the motion picture, the story is long, enduring and engaging; each nuance brings the audience to understand the characters and their situations and perhaps even more of their very own lives. Bring them to the edge of their seat, press them back to the walls, make them laugh until they cry and make them cry until they pierce the veil between the story and their own lives.

We all know the difference between the good and the bad, especially in our theatres and on our televisions. The heart and soul of the TV is right here.


High-speed car chases, Exploding buildings, Guns blazing... If super-octane is what you're after, you'll definitely find it here!



Life hurts, right? Or maybe it just makes us a little ridiculous... If you like some giggles with your gushing and just can't live without laughter, then take a peek at Comedy.



Fairies exist, Angels & Demons wage war, Swords & Sorcery are a way of life... If this is your idea of the perfect world, you need Fantasy!



Space travel, Aliens, Super-powers and more... You know you love it, and you'll really love our Sci-Fi.

Sci Fi